Hello and welcome to my blog site. I thank you for visiting me, whatever your reasons may be.

Before reading my posts, I hope I can get you to help out with the following. I am a strong advocate for United Nations World Food Programme. How did I came across WFP? One fateful day, something in me moved to research on hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa and the first google search brought me to WFP website. I was fascinated yet saddened by the crisis in Africa and pledged to assist however I can.

Everyone deserves a meal, regardless. It’s a human right to feed where it will nourish and develop us and the generations to come. We cannot stop the ongoing country issues Africa is facing, there are proper enforcement placed to do that job, but what you and I can do is to donate and reach out to United Nations WFP and help feed a family.

Click on the banner below to donate the amount you’re comfortable with. 1 dollar donated = 4 children fed. Note that WFP is funded entirely via voluntary donation. They count on people like you and I to assist the hungry and the unfortunate.

Let’s do our part as citizen of the world: Fight global hunger.

While you’re at it, support UNICEF as well. Children are the future of the world. We should do more to help them worldwide. Click on the banners above to donate and read more about UNICEF and WFP.

Much love,

Only Truffle xoxo


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